YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as a journalist has developed my narrative style of photography. I love to tell stories through my images as well as words. I don't specialise in any one type of photography but love to capture the world as I see it – whether this is small details, wide open spaces, or interesting people.

I prefer to use natural light and am a great believer in adapting to the circumstances to create engaging imagery. I tend to shoot with a Digital SLR but often use smaller, more compact interchangeable lens cameras too.

Like most contemporary photographers I use the power of post-production to help bring out the essence of the image visualised but I don't want Photoshop to change the character or truth of an original scene. 

I've spent just over 25 years working exclusively in specialist journalism. Most recently I was the editor-in-chief of Bauer's photography titles - Practical Photography and Digital Photo. These days I run my own freelance business Andrew James Media, providing both writing, consultancy, editing, PR, training and photography for clients.  

I am also a partner in a new and exciting online photography community called FotoBuzz. You can find out more about FotoBuzz by going to: