Andrew James is a freelance journalist and photographer. He writes regularly for market-leading photo magazines and is a partner in FotoBuzz - an exciting online community for photographers. He also leads and assists in photography workshops and holidays in the UK and abroad.

Be bold with B&W
23rd October 2015

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I LOVE black & white photography. Not just the shooting but the whole processing - the challenge of turning your monochrome vision into a finished image you are happy with. I still remember the first moment I processed black & white film and then developed a print from it. It wasn't very good but that didn't matter. I watched the image miraculously appearing on the paper as it soaked in the chemicals. These days there are no chemicals involved - it's a digital process from start to finish but I still enjoy the anticipation of trying to squeeze all the mood out of my shot. I like my mono shots full of contrast and drama. Deep blacks and clean whites, and a few shades of grey in-between! There's no doubt that shooting in black & white makes you look at the world differently as you have to learn to see in shape, pattern and shade. 

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