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At this point I'm supposed to tell you how amazing I am; what stupendous skills I have and how I can enhance your life or business. While all these things are 100% true and have been verified as factual by The Ministry of Truth, here are some other things you may not want to know about me but I feel obliged to reveal. Enjoy...

Describe your job... 
I am a freelance photographer, journalist and educator. I currently write regularly for market-leading photo magazines like Digital Camera and Photo Plus, supplying both advice on the technical and creative aspects of shooting images. I am a partner in FotoBuzz - an exciting online community for photographers, plus I lead photography workshops and holidays in the UK and abroad. I also take on assorted editorial work using my editing, writing and photography skills to create and shape content for both print and digital media. 

What did you do before?
Pretty much the same thing, but I worked for someone else rather than myself. I started working life as a trainee specialist journalist for publishers EMAP. I enjoyed stints on and edited various magazines over the 26 years I spent in magazine publishing. When I left I was the editor-in-chief of Practical Photography and Digital Photo magazines.

Is that where you developed your passion for photography?
No, I was already a very keen photographer. In fact that's why I first went to Practical Photography as an Associate Editor. But working with great photographers and getting to eat, sleep and talk photography almost 24/7 helped to develop my knowledge and creativity. But I certainly don't know everything about photography - you never stop learning. 

What sort of photographer are you?
Well I'm not a specialist as such. I think of myself as an all-rounder. There's not one subject that I would choose to shoot to the exclusion of all others - I just enjoy the challenge of shooting images and being as creative as it's possible to be in each situation. I've run workshops on subjects as varied as wildlife, landscapes, travel, action & portraits. I think it's my editorial background that drives this variety. One of the greatest pleasures I get is simply photographing what I see in a creative way and then selling these images for people to hang on their walls. The validation of someone buying a fine art print from you because they like your style is certainly something that inspires me to keep shooting.

Where do you run workshops?
All over the place! A lot of the things I do are through the photography website & community, FotoBuzz, so they are exclusive to members. These can range from day courses in the UK to trips to places such as Cuba. However, I also run workshops that are open to anyone and these will be advertised on this site when available. Plus, I assist wildlife photographer Andy Rouse on adventures to places such as Africa, South Georgia and The Falkland Islands. 

What sort of other work do you take on?
I do a lot of writing for specialist photographic magazines but I was a journalist first and foremost so this helps me tackle others projects too. I guess my USP is that I can supply both professional standard images and words. I also enjoy general photography commissions, whether this is from an individual or a company. In the last couple of years I've been commissioned to shoot family portraits, corporate portraits, horses, inside factories and even from the top of a 100ft articulated lift! 

Where are you based?
I live in a village in the East of England but will travel to shoot or work on interesting publishing projects. 

How do people and businesses get in touch with you if they want to commission you for photography and/or writing?
Just drop me an email using the Contact form with a few details on what the job is. I'll get back in touch. 

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